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is defined as an ‘exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions or ideas’. While that sounds simple enough, many times we push our thoughts and ideas into the world without observing that ‘exchange’ from others. This topic is the prevailing theme across Nashville artist EG Vines’ debut EP titled ‘Conversation’ which is set for release July 13th.

‘Conversation’ looks to illuminate EG’s songwriting prowess and live experience after almost a decade playing with The Bandoliers and One Cent Stamp. The Eddie Spear (Delta Saints, The Whistles & The Bells) produced record delivers a unique stylistic blend of Soul, Rock and funk. More stripped down, it’s high energy folk music that speaks to the state of interpersonal relations in our world. You may hear hints of Neil Young, Bill Withers or Levon Helm, but EG’s sound is distinctively his own